About Us

Meredith Insurance Center is your one stop insurance info destination. Are you new to the world of health insurance and not sure what your first steps should be? Does it seem like all the different kinds of plans and options are too confusing to figure out on your own? Our team of motivated and highly qualified insurance professionals came together to create Meredith Insurance Center as a way to offer solutions to these problems. With years in the business and a detailed knowledge of today’s insurance market, finding the right health plan for you will be a snap.

We believe it’s important for every prospective patient and insurance customer to know all about their options. No one should be left in the dark when it comes to such an important part of life. That’s why each of our agents is licensed and fully trained in all of the many insurance plans you might be choosing from. Whether you’re looking for dental, vision, prescription drug coverage, or just a general healthcare plan, we’re dedicated to creating an informative, easy to understand path to getting a quote and making your decision. Unlike other insurance agencies, you won’t be stuck trying to figure things out on your own.

We at Meredith Insurance Center have a proven track of customer loyalty and longstanding dedication to patient satisfaction. We guarantee that your quotes will be accurate, that your plan will be explained to you in plain language, and that you will be satisfied with our services and professionalism. Patient wellness comes first for us in all things, from the moment you get on the phone or send us an email to the moment you decide to sign up for a plan. Put the stress of being uninsured behind you. Let us help you take the first step.