Medicare Insurance

Senior citizens often have a variety of specific health concerns and screening needs that later generations don’t yet have to worry about as extensively. With Medicare, seniors can often get basic care taken care of via their government insurance program. The problem lies in the fact that Medicare often doesn’t cover all that it needs to and can leave many seniors without the services they need or in debt.

Meredith Insurance Center offers two different Medicare supplement insurance plans that can help seniors get the health care that they require:

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan – Seniors who purchase this plan are given a lot of freedom and choice. This plan can be reviewed and changed at any time. Bought from a private insurance company, the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan pays for some or all of the costs that can be incurred from Medicare Part A and B coverage and where it lacks in providing the assistance that private insurance won’t. The variety of this plan varies in several states (including Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin), but there are typically 10 variations of this standardized insurance program that are named with a different letter of the alphabet. This plan also allows for travel, providing coverage in all 50 states.

Medicare Advantage insurance plans – These health plans are also offered by a private company that contracts with a patient’s Medicare to give them all of their Part A and B benefits. Plans that fall into this category include Health Maintenance Organizations, Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service Plans, and Special Needs Plans. These services are covered through the plan, but actually aren’t paid for with a person’s original Medicare plan. Most of these plans provide prescription drug coverage.

If you are a senior citizen who needs help with their Part A and/or Part B Medicare coverage, don’t hesitate. Get a supplementary insurance plan that helps you take care of your health insurance needs.